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Enter Ghost
HD video, 49:00

Enter Ghost is a video documenting a dress rehearsal of Shakespeare's Hamlet in which the actors seem incapable of progressing beyond the first scene. Bad acting, technical problems, and eventually mutiny are to blame. The video focuses on the actor playing the Ghost of King Hamlet, who is continually waiting for his cue to appear onstage since each time something goes terribly wrong and the scene must be done again. Enter Ghost is a parody of the ubiquitousness of restaged versions of Hamlet as well as a musing on the state of being in limbo: a Ghost waiting in vain to appear, indefinitely.

"I read this in high school... and I'm reading it again. And I think I understand a lot of stuff." - The Ghost

Featuring: Emma Clazing, Lucian Cosinschi, Christopher Kline, Michaela Lucas, Nicole Ratjen