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Chiaroscuro Plaything
A Performative Study for Installation

Evil is not Well Lit
___“Any scene location where the villains do their plotting is invariably dark.”

A Face framed in Shadow
___“You see dimensions in two,
___State your case in black or white.”

___“Chiaroscuro turned up to eleven.”

Hollywood Darkness
___“Where is that light coming from?”
___“Same place as the music.”

Gratuitous Panning
___“But then finally someone said, 'Well, you can, like, move things.' So then everything from then on got panned like mad, you know, everything got moved.”

Fudd Flag
___"A conspicuously light patch determines which tree Bugs is hiding behind, which rock he needs to trip over, etc.”

Rounded Character
___“She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.”